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I would imagine since he was blind he could touch the keys and play the piano but how would he see the notes on paper to read them. He could have memorized it but to do it he first has to practice and practice involves reading. So how did he do it?

How to Read Music Notes

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3 Comments on How did Stevie wonder learn to read and write music?

  1. Thomas Ulrich says:

    Learn How to Read Music

    He was born blind. He never learned a different way. Maybe touching, but this relates to most blind people. If you have any other questions feel free to ask by e-mail or telling me the question. Thanks.

  2. Jeff says:

    How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Read Music?

    I don’t believe he ever did learn how to read or notate music. He was born blind, and so he learned music in the same way we all do at first: by ear. After a while of playing the piano, he was able to tell, using muscle memory (just like any other musician) where C was and where G was, etc. Stevie Wonder can’t read music, but he can play it after hearing it. Just like reading music notation, it takes practice, but eventually, you can do it pretty well.

  3. Holly says:

    Learn How to Read Music

    Not everyone uses sheet music to learn to play. I highly doubt Stevie Wonder even used sheet music at all.
    I never used sheet music to learn to play guitar. Many of my friends didn’t either.

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