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Fully_Distorted_IP_Vic asked: I use regular TAB to play music on my guitar but i want to know how to read sheet music. oh and i dont know what it is called.thanks! Learn How to Read Music Social Bookmarking

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John L asked: i play the guitar and want to major in music as most musicians have but i cant read sheet music ive been playing for 6 years and i am very good i guess (better than most local bands i hear at shows ive gone to) so getting better is not a problem, […]

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Mad Max The Pianist asked: I am a pianist(beginner) and I hate myself because I keep saying to myself I will never become a professional pianist and I don’t know a thing about reading music and I know that reading music is extremely difficult and very very hard,I want to be able to play any […]

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Third Day asked: I have never played bass guitar or any other instrument. How to Read Music Social Bookmarking

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GV?T??Z?N asked: I am a self-taught guitarist of nearly 6 years, and I specialize in extreme metal. My understanding of standard musical notation is practically 0, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about theory at all. I know about notes and their names, and scales and chords and such, as well as how […]

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